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Like the insects that ravage our crops, like the termites that weaken our homes, like a virus that enfeebles our bodies, immigration poses to undermine our strong nation. Throughout the existence of humanity, people have traveled and settled in the farthest reaches of the world. Migrants have been the constructors of great empires and the downfall of others. Advocates of immigration may assert immigrants form the backbone of the economy and social life of a country. However, immigration has proven to be more of a complication than a solution as many immigrants not only wrest jobs from the natives and reside in the country for criminal intent but also leech off of government benefits.
Proponents of immigration argue that newcomers can fill in
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With more men and women pursuing higher skilled jobs, they leave many low skilled occupations vacant, and the need for low skilled workers increases. And as a large majority of immigrants have little to no education, they struggle to find jobs that require advanced skills. Therefore, they tend to take jobs that pay very little and have a low skill cap. This fills in the gaps of low paid positions and allows for citizens to pursue careers that demand higher levels of education. Yet, if immigrants allow…show more content…
Some people liken immigrants to being the root cause of crime and danger in most cities. This also leads into the belief that cities that have a large population of immigrants are more crime-ridden than cities with little to no immigrants. Rather, cities that have a large immigration population do not have much crime. The city of El Paso, Texas has many immigrants, but notably only eighteen homicides occurred out of 736,000 people in the previous year while in Baltimore, a city with only 637,000 inhabitants, there were 234 murders (Balko 43). Overall newcomers to a country do not necessarily increase murder rates. However, this relative peacefulness of immigrants does not appear consistently across the country. Within the city of Los Angeles, undocumented immigrants account for more than 90% of homicide charges and 65% of felony charges (Kouri 40). These statistics show that immigrants greatly contribute to crime. They cause harm to citizens while showing disrespect to the laws of the country. By accepting more immigrants, a larger number of criminals threaten the safety and security of America. As an increasing number of immigrants move into the country, the risk of lives being lost increases. This is also seen in other parts of the world such as the Calais jungle, where refugees attack truck drivers with makeshift weapons, power tools, and projectiles in order to stowaway to
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