Prostitution Should Be Legalized Within The United States

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Known globally as “The world’s oldest profession”, a prostitute can give you quite the bang for your buck! Prostitution should be legalized within the United States of America for numerous reasons, some of which including decrease in rape and diseases, adding a nice little boost to our economy, and generally reducing violence against women of the night. Even though prostitution can be very dangerous, many women choose that path.
If you 're strapped for cash and don’t have many options don’t worry, throw out your morals and sell what you already have and others might want, sell your body! For some, this is how easy of a choice it is. Jumping into prostitution can be as easy as choosing a career. Prostitution can be quite profitable and
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If prostitution was legalized in America the high rate of violence against these women should drop significantly. If it was legalized, women could actually report whenever crimes or violence has been committed against them without themselves being arrested just for being a prostitute. This incredible injustice done to American’s daily, should be considered unconstitutional. Women should be able to choose whatever career path they want and not have to worry about their lives potentially being put in danger.. With no other choice for safety, prostitutes are forced to flock to a pimp for safety. Pimps work outside the law and sometimes abuse the prostitutes or even treat them as slaves. Pimps work only for profit and they sometimes treat them like assets instead of human beings with a soul and a voice. If prostitution was legalized it would eliminate the need for pimps or other protection.
Sex is just sex. We all know what it is, we understand how it works, so why can’t we just be adult’s about this. Other countries call us prudish and juvenile to make such a natural thing illegal. The worst part is, they are right! If prostitution was legalized long ago we would never have to deal with the issues that it currently presents. Because we consider it a “crime”, innocent people are injured and die each day for the simple reason that it is against the law to pay for sex? That is wrong, selling sex should not be wrong.
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