Protecting Pygmy Sloth Habitat On The Isla Escudo De Verguas

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The plan to protect pygmy sloth habitat on the Isla Escudo de Verguas is to create a team to begin gathering research to develop a Comprehensive Conservation Plan. The research gathered can be from previous research conducted by a variety of scientists. In addition, new data should be collected on the current population of Pygmy sloths in addition to the amount of mangroves on the island. This plan will make sure that the endangered animals on the island are protected and ensure that the refuge management is taking the steps to help recuperate the mangroves that have been cut. The first step would be to gather a team to head the proposal. Some of the team members should be from the refuge management, as well as people who are well informed on the animals that inhabit the island and environmental information. Once the team is built, they will need to gather local fishermen and regular visitors to the island to assess the situation and receive feedback on what they believe to be the largest problems facing the island. With the help from the local fishermen, who are the ones that are cutting down the pygmy sloth habitat, the refuge management team will be able to assess the needs of the fishermen as well as the need of the animals to create a plan of action to better ensure the safety of the island. From this research, the team can create an initial draft of a plan for the next ten or fifteen years. The Comprehensive Conservation Plans should focus on getting data on…

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