Protecting the CPA Profession

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Protecting the CPA profession is the MACPA PAC’s top priority. Every day we see headline grabbing issues focusing the attention of our elected representatives. Far from the front page; however, are issues that have serious affect on your livelihood and continued licensure as a CPA. The MACPA PAC is your watchdog against dangerous, uninformed government policy that threatens to harm the CPA profession. The full effect of term limits is now being seen and this election is already set to be the most significant in Michigan’s history. All 38 members of the Senate are up for election. 29 of those individuals cannot run again and will be vacating their seats in the Senate. All 110 members of the House of Representatives are up for election.…show more content…
Further, Finance and Executive Committee members had recommended over the course of five years that the benchmark be increased annually by 5%, to a maximum of 50%. Recently, this philosophy was revisited and after reviewing updated information, it was determined that this level of reserve may be too conservative and the use of a range was recommended in order to fund these worthwhile projects, with the minimum being 25%. There are six Special Project categories, which include the following: • Customized Training Solutions (CTS) • Tax Preparation Programs • Michigan Accountancy Foundation (MAF) • High School Leaders Conferences (HSLC) • Student and Educator Initiatives • Other Community Outreach/Support John made a recommendation on behalf of the Finance Committee to approve this year’s budget. It was moved, seconded and the motion was passed to accept the proposed 2010-2011budget. Aptify Project Update Peggy Dzierzawski reported on the following aspects of the Aptify Project: • AMS Project Summary o MACPA currently operates on Association Manager 4 (AM4), a product developed by Custom
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