Ps4 Vs Xbox One Essay

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Do you want to invest in a game system that actually tries to give you the best experience, or do you just want a game system that repeatedly rips you off?
Many of your friends may lead you into buying the wrong console *cough cough Xbox One*. You don’t want to spend your money on something you could possibly get bored with sooner or later would you?
If I were you, I would buy the Ps4 and here’s why.
The least that can come out of it are hackers, and that’s on every game system, but there aren’t that many problems with the Ps4 it’s a proven fact that it’s better than Xbox One. Other than the fact that hackers may have shut it down a couple years ago but it hasn’t happened ever since. Sony sold twice as many Ps4s as Microsoft did with the Xbox Ones. It’s like Ps4 came out and Xbox One decided to rush their way out so Microsoft fans would buy them. Microsoft and Sony are both very successful companies, but I’ve researched multiple sites and they all prove that Sony is a better company than Microsoft is.
You STILL need batteries for the Xbox One. All you need for the ps4 is a USB port which they provide in the box once you buy the system. Xbox One controllers are way heavier than Ps4 controller as well. So when you drop them they may break easier than Ps4 controllers do. Ps4 has better games, …show more content…

Like I said before, Sony sells more. Plus more people have faith in Sony. Xbox used to constantly break down and you would have to get a whole new console. This is if you play the Xbox for a long period of time, Ps3s you could play all night and they would run perfectly the next day. Some people have been loyal to the Playstation family, some switched from Xbox to Playstation. You would never see anybody switch from Playstation to Xbox, it’s highly uncommon. If you want a system you won’t waste your money on, you should really buy a

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