Psittacosis Case Study Essay

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In this discussion I will be discussing a case study on a rare respiratory disease known as psittacosis, which is also known as ornithosis. This disease is caused by chlamydophila psittaci (a type of bacteria), and most often transmitted to humans through birds. Psittacosis not only causes respiratory issues, but other systemic issues as well. This is a disease that is mainly found in children and the majority of the time it will go undiagnosed due to its rarity and the lack of doctors who are familiar with it. Psittacosis is a disease that can be cured and it can be prevented if it is caught in time. In fact, in this specific case study, an antibiotic, called Azithromycin, is used to fight this disease. This case study examines a little boy who is seven years old. This little boy had been unvaccinated and every now and then for a year he would experience symptoms such as: a dry cough, a fever, and a headache. But, within the last month, many more symptoms began to pop up; his breathing began to become more difficult, his high fever and cough began to occur more often, he began to feel very sluggish, have night, and experienced myalgias (muscle pains). When he was admitted into the hospital he was unable to walk, unable to speak full sentences., and his mother …show more content…

I, myself, had never heard of this respiratory disease either until reading this article. This article accurately helped me to understand what exactly psittacosis is, the body system that it affects, and the treatment options that have been proven to be successful. I now have a clear understanding about this disease and realize the importance of bringing awareness to it; without bringing this disease to the attention of physicians and everyday people, the individuals who suffer with it have to go a much longer time without a diagnosis due to everyone not being familiar with

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