The Vaccine War Essay

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Through the rise of technological advances in medicine, the vaccine has changed the world for the greater good of the human race. Making a great triumph and virtually eliminating an array of life-threatening diseases, from smallpox to diphtheria, thus adding approximately thirty years to many humans’ life spans. Although, a new complication has arisen, possibly linking neurological digression with this rise of new vaccines. Such a digression has forced parents to exempt their children from receiving vaccinations and brought forth mental anguish affecting the minds of many. In the Frontline episode The Vaccine War, a progressively distressful debate ensues among many scientists and doctors within the public health system and an …show more content…

In addition, several celebrities make an appearance to illustrate their views on this matter. Celebrities such as former Playboy Playmate Jenny McCarthy and companion Jim Carrey as well as an appearance from a Redskins cheerleader Desiree Jennings, all who claim there is a connection between vaccines and neurological disorders. Though there is a vast amount of compelling data from both sides of the spectrum this issue has yet to be resolved because the situation is very complicated. Furthermore, the debate has escalated far beyond just the medical risks and benefits but now has an ideological principle regarding a parent’s decision and governmental confines. Scientist Hank Jennings says, “They still want it to be a choice. They don’t want it to be compulsory” (Palfreman, 2010). Additionally, despite the scientific fact that vaccines are safe, government rule regarding parental choice is another component increasing the fight against vaccines. Throughout The Vaccine War, the particular theory exemplified on the human behavior is Cognitive Dissonance Theory. Cognitive Dissonance Theory is a notion created by Leon Festinger that disputes that dissonance is an awkward feeling that encourages people to take action to diminish it. This theory is composed of two components: cognitions and cognitive dissonance. Cognitions are defined as, “ways of knowing,

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