Psychiatric Center : A Critical Mental Health

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Different mental health institutes have various policies and procedures that ensure quality delivery of psychiatric care to all mental health patients. Dorothea Dix psychiatric center is among many mental health care providers in America that are striving to deliver quality mental health services to needy Americans. Dorothea Dix psychiatric center provides out- and in-patient care to Maine’s severest mental illness cases. In that case, for over a century, Dorothea Dix psychiatric center has been concentrating on providing mental health care to patients with fetal mental illnesses. As such, the mental institute ought to diversify its experience in quality enhancement following the concurrent suicidal concern among veterans. Specifically, the Dorothea Dix 's executive team should incorporate veteran mental health quality enhancement research program policy that will play a significant role in reducing the suicide rate among veterans.
Background Information
Suicide is a critical mental health concern in the contemporary American society. In particular, suicide is among the top ten causes of death in the U.S. Approximately, more than one hundred suicides occur every day with over 30,000 Americans dying by suicide every year. Notably, Suicide is a national health concern among military personnel and veterans. In that case, the suicide rate in the veteran fraternity is approximated to be higher than in the general public domain. As such, the devastating suicide rate

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