Psycho, By Alfred Hitchcock

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“We all go a little mad sometimes,” and that could possibly be exactly how many feel after watching Psycho, released in 1960, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Hitchcock took a different route in terms of plot and structure for the typical Hollywood style. Psycho, like a young child never stops asking questions, it leaves us in a state of doubt and unbelief. It is classic horror, with the numerous jump scares leaving us at the edge of our seat, as every moment passes. Yet in the beginning, it 's seems to portray a rather classic form in a sense, a near-Aristotelian story. A woman who appears to be the main character in love, who is then faced with a problem, not enough money to marry her love, who then steals money to help build a future …show more content…

Let’s get this clear about the only certainty that was in Psycho, was the first couple seconds of the movie when it displayed the location and the date. Everything else known to be “true” later on ended in a twist. For example, take the cover of Psycho, at first glance many may assume that Marian Crane, the woman on the cover, is ultimately the main character, the protagonist, the hero. If the cover didn 't help out the opening scene was revealed two characters a man (Sam) and a woman (Marian) who appear to be in love. We have identified the main character Marian and we have identified the problem or goal a protagonist must achieve in a movie, obtain money so Marian and Sam can get married. Then we see Marian at work, where a rude, self-pleasing, arrogant, rich man enters bargaining about himself and his daughter 's wedding. Marian is then presented with a task deliver the money to the bank. Hitchcock has successfully set the bait and hooked the audience into backing Marian in any decision. She’s doing it for love right, and the jerk has plenty of money anyway. After watching the entire movie I began to realize the true brilliance of Alfred Hitchcock, because, of course everyone loves a hero good, let 's kill her 40 minutes into the movie and this is where things became interesting the structure of the film. Doubt begins to creep into the minds of the

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