Psychoanalysis Of Iago : Inside The Mind Of Shakespeare 's Greatest Villain Essay

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Psychoanalysis of Iago: Inside the mind of Shakespeare’s greatest villain Manipulation is a social influence that works by deceiving people to see a different point of view. To effectively manipulate one must know the weakness of the targeted person. Therefore, using their emotions to enable the manipulation easily. Othello is a tragedy, written by William Shakespeare in the seventeenth century. The play by William Shakespeare includes the character of Iago. Iago is the antagonist in Othello, who cleverly plans out his tactics. Viewing the character of Iago from an analytical point of view shows Iago exposing himself to be a psychopath. Iago can use the weakness of the characters to set up scenes, and earns himself the title “The Honest Iago.” Consequently, psychopaths act as pleasurable people, but in reality, they are different in private. A psychopath sees themselves as preferable and worthy of the respect of others. The complex character of Iago sees himself as being superior to Cassio and is inclined to seek vengeance on Cassio and Othello. The character of Cassio is similar to Othello since they both appear to be impeccable. In Othello, the complex character of “Honest Iago” creates a psychotropic weapon by using the vulnerability of the character’s emotional state to create the perfect tactics.
According to the article: Subclinical Psychopaths: How They Adapt, Their
Interpersonal Interactions With And Effect On Others, And How To Detect Them. Psychopaths known

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