Psychodynamic Perspective

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Psychodynamic Perspective FREUD’S CASE STUDIES ANNA O • Anna O (real name Bertha Pappenheim) was not actually Freud’s patient, she was a patient of Freud’s older friend Josef Breuer. However, Anna O can still claim the distinction of being the founding patient of psychoanalysis because Freud developed the first stages of his theory based on her case. It is, therefore, worth knowing a few details of her case. At the time of her illness, Anna was 21 years old and until the illness struck she had been healthy and intelligent and had shown no signs of neurosis1 . However, her feelings had always been exaggerated and she could be moody and she day-dreamed a great deal. Her illness fell into several phases: 1. Latent incubation - the early …show more content…

Freud claims that this 2 abuse “seems to provide ... the psychical trauma which Breuer and I declared long ago to be the indispensable prerequisite for the production of a hysterical disorder” (1909) There were many other complications to the case which are interesting, but not strictly necessary for you to get the overall picture of Freud’s case studies: refer to “The Freud Reader” edited by Peter Gay, if you want to know more! Freud psychoanalysed Dora, mainly using the dream interpretation technique. One thing that he claimed to have worked out from this was that part of Dora’s problem was guilt about masturbation in childhood and that some of her hysterical symptoms were due to abstinence from masturbating. He did manage to get Dora to a stage where her symptoms reduced and claimed this was because many unconscious motivations had been brought into conscious awareness. Freud used dream interpretation as a major part of his treatment of Dora. Do you think there are any problems with using this kind of analysis? LITTLE HANS This was a case study published in 1909 of a five year old boy who had a phobia of horses. As a result of this, Little Hans refused to go out in the street in case he came across a horse. He expressed a fear that a horse would come into the house and bite him and that this was his punishment for wishing

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