Psychological Effects Of Marijuana And Marijuana

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David Santiago
English 101-19
The effects of Marijuana and Cocaine in the United States Marijuana and Cocaine are both considered substance one types of drugs. There are multiple effects of the use of Marijuana and Cocaine in the United States. Marijuana is a drug typically smoked by teenagers and adults. People use Marijuana for medical reasons or recreational reasons. As for Cocaine, derived from the leaves of the coca shrub is an abused illegal drug (Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th edition, Q1, 2017). In the United States Marijuana and Cocaine have been around in numerous states, such as, New York and Colorado. This will be a discussion about Marijuana and Cocaine’s emotional, psychological and physical effects. Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States, and has plenty of different emotional effects. Most consumers that use Marijuana typically say that marijuana makes you feel happy and you have uncontrollable laughter. Some other emotional effects are panic attacks and anxiety (BONN-MILLER, VUJANOVIC, & ZVOLENSKY pg. 2). Paranoia is another effect that usually happens to users depending on the strain the user uses. Once again these effects determine on the strain you smoke either, Sativa or Indica. On the other hand cocaine is quite different from marijuana. Cocaine is another popular drug in the United States and has different effects that’s than marijuana. Cocaine users seem to always have the drive to do something

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