Essay about Psychological Profile of Elvis Presley

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Analysis of Elvis Presley
Deborah Cantin
Colorado Technical University
Partially Resubmitted From Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 IPs

This paper covers a brief biographical and psychological profile that explores the subject’s childhood, work, personal life, lifetime accomplishments, and philosophy. In addition, I will discuss his inner perspectives using the Cognitive Perspective to describe the two aspects of Mr. Presley’s behavior. I will also discuss his MBTI® Type along with examples to explain my interpretation. His Psychosocial developmental stages examined through his Infancy, Childhood, Adolescence, and Adult hood. We examine these stages using Erick Erickson’s work. His youth compared to Kohlberg’s work on Moral Reasoning
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Elvis loved his Graceland home. His gravesite located in the Meditation Garden on Graceland’s grounds. The Meditation Garden is fitting for the King’s final resting place. It is here that Elvis loved to meditate and contemplate his spiritual side. Graceland draws millions of tourists each year from all over the World. Elvis’ beliefs demonstrated that he loved people. He gave expensive gifts to his staff and loved ones, such as cars and homes. His spiritual beliefs stayed with him throughout his life. Elvis constantly searched, for the meaning of life and truth. This quest for knowledge inspired him to read several books, and earnestly seek out spiritual mentors. Gospel music played a large role in developing Elvis’ passion for music and spirituality. Every rehearsal session began and ended with a Gospel song or two. “Cognitive Psychology revolves around the notion that if we need to know what makes people tick; then figure out which processes are going on in their minds. Psychologist theorized, from this study, that cognition is a mental act or process by which information exists, (McLeod, 2012)". Erik Erickson believed that people develop in the context of their environments, with the forces of society exerting strong influences on the social world of people in all places of the development, (Board, 2012, pp. 95, 96). The psychobiography of Elvis directly relates to the different stages of Erickson’s cognitive theory, which includes distinct stages like

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