Psychology Club Case Study

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SOAR ADVISOR AWARD What is the advisor's role in the organization? The advisor’s role is support the club and assist with its development by providing advice and guidance whenever needed. Dr. Earles meets with the president personally every other week to see if we need any help with anything. She is always informed of everything the club is doing that week/month and is able to help the Psychology Club with her vast knowledge of Psychology. Regardless if it is during her office hours or not, she is always willing to guide us on how to conduct Psychology themed events and activities. How has the advisor helped the organization accomplish its goals during the 2016-2017 academic year? Dr. Earles has been an amazing advisor for the Psychology …show more content…

Earles should receive this award because of her outstanding efforts to make this club successful. Dr. Earles should receive this award because not only is she amazing advisor for the Psychology club, but she always above and beyond for her all students. Outside of the classroom, Dr. Earles is involved in her students’ lives, getting to know each of us as a person. Every semester, Dr. Earles hosts a dinner, opening her home to all Honors College students before finals to help us de-stress and socialize with our peers and faculty, something not all professors do. Additionally, numerous times we would go to her office hours to talk about topics not related to school because we feel comfortable to turn to her for advice and she is someone we look up to. She always makes us feel comfortable to reach out to her and is always available if we need her, regardless of whether it is during her office hours or not. She often stays past her office hours and will not leave until she was completely sure that all our questions and concerns were fully answered. Not only does she help us with research, but in other areas as well, showing how she always has her students’ best interest at heart and puts us as one of her top priorities. Because of her excellence and expertise in research mentoring as well as her dedication to helping us strive, the knowledge we have gained from her guidance goes beyond the classroom and we are able to apply what she has taught us in other areas of our

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