Psychology, The Scientific Study Of The Mind

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Psychology, defined as the scientific study of the mind, is a very broad field with many career opportunities. Psychology is a fairly new field and has many job opportunities available for anyone wanting to make a career with a degree. There are therapy related jobs along with jobs that are not therapy related. Most psychologists wanting a job that is therapy related need a master’s degree or doctoral, however ones who do not pursue a job with therapy obtain a bachelor’s or master’s. The average pay for psychologists ranges from around $70,000 to $100,000 annually. The amount of pay results from the location and the education one has acquired. Psychologists also have a range of tasks depending on the type of psychology one pursues. Throughout this research, a few careers in psychology will be explored and information will be provided about each of these careers. Sports psychology is a relatively new field of study in which a sports psychologist helps professional and amateur athletes. Sports psychologists are people who help amateur and professional athletes heighten performance, attain their goals and overcome their problems. An athlete who becomes anxious or loses focus during competition would consult a sports psychologist to conquer these issues. Athletes who also have trouble communicating with their teammates, finding motivation and controlling their anger could seek the help they need from this type of psychologist. Not only can they help athletes with these issues,
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