Psychology: What Is Inside A Criminal's Mind

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The main topic that I’m interested in is what is inside a criminal’s mind. In other words, what kind of psychological thoughts and motivations does the criminal have while committing crime. Criminal behavior is the external embodiment of criminal psychology. The state of mind is different as they moving through different stages of the crime. The stages is generally divided into: before the crime, during the crime and after the crime. The psychological and behavioral performance of each stage is different. The reason that I choose this topic is if we are able to get a further understanding about criminal’s mind, the crime rate will be controlled at a low number efficiently.

The first stage is before the crime. At this stage the criminals usually …show more content…

On the one hand, criminal behavior is a kind of behavior that must be punished, but on the other hand, through the implementation of criminal behavior, it will meet the criminal's various illegal desires and abnormal psychology. Therefore, the perpetrator in the crime process, the mood can not be completely calm. There are more or less excitement, nervousness and fear, especially the change in mood is great. The psychological state of the perpetrator in the course of the crime is different because of the difference of the crime. The newspaper article from the New York Times which is named “Inside a Criminal Mind” which is written by Claire Nee. This article introduces an experimental study of criminal behavior. There are two groups of people in this study: students and ex-offenders. They find that the difference between two groups are the students are not as focus as the ex-offenders (Claire Nee, 2015). Generally speaking, the fear of the criminal who is first time to commit crime is obvious. In the implementation of crime due to exceptionally tight, the fear of being discovered. So their attention is limited in a narrow range, it’s easy to leave traces of the crime in the crime scene. While the tension and fear of the recidivist is not so obvious, because of repeatedly committing the crime, the crime is expected to hold more than the first, and has certain anti detection means. The crime encountered an unexpected harvest when unhurried, …show more content…

The criminal will produce anxiety and panic. Surprised at what he committed some consequences, some even hallucinations. They always feel that there is someone watching them.
Guilt: This is the psychological experience of guilt and shame arising from the conflict between the individual and his moral standards and values. Some criminals in the implementation of the crime, to restore reason, conscience, a sense of guilt, the emergence of new psychological conflict, feel distressed. Some do not see even in the level of consciousness, they will also appear to be living like the nightmare.
Feeler: the perpetrators quickly fled the scene after the crime, but psychologically unable to get rid of the scene. They tend to show that the development and detection of the case is very concerned about, and sometimes even posturing, to participate in the discussion of the case, denounced the perpetrators. Some even went to the scene to observe, newspapers, radio and other news media become sensitive. These abnormal performance can provide clues to solve the

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