Why People Commit Crime When Deciding How Crime Should Be Handled And Prevented

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In criminology, is very important to study why people commit crime when deciding how crime should be handled and prevented. This type of study is known as criminal profiling. Many theories have developed over the years, and they continue to be researched, alone and in combination, as criminologists seek the best solutions in reducing specific types and levels of crime. While all crime theories are designed to try to explain and understand criminal activity and the people that commit them, it is an ongoing science. No one theory can define all crime. However, it can be used usefully to help us understand crime a little better and help criminologists find new ways to deal with and eliminate criminal behavior. I am going to discuss one …show more content…

Each profiler has distinct specialties. The show deals with criminal behavior, but it is the criminal or deviant behavior along with some form of mental illness that makes up the profile of the un-sub. Each episode offers resolution. The BAU either gets the criminal by the end of the episode, or they don’t. Executive producer Ed Bernero, who spent 10 years as a Chicago police officer says, “Criminal Minds episodes have roots in real cases”(1). He says the writers insist on accuracy and try to make the show as realistic as possible. In addition, it focuses and the personal lives of the agents, as well as illustrating the life of a profiler. The team is led by, profiler Special Agent Aaron Hotchner, who is able to gain people 's trust and draw out their secrets. Other members of the team include Senior Supervisory Special Agent David Rossi, a founding father of the BAU, Dr. Spencer Reid, the nerdy genius, Jennifer Jareau, the team 's Communication Liaison with the media and local police agencies, Penelope Garcia, the team 's Technical Analyst, and Derek Morgan. I chose the labeling theory because the labeling theory can be related to serial murder, which is what the popular television show Criminal Minds focuses on. Frank Tannenbaum and Howard S. Becker created and developed the labeling theory. Tannenbaum’s explanation

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