Psychology is not just common sense

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Psychology is not just common sense. Discuss. The statement of psychology not being just common sense is parallel with the ideologies of most psychologists in the field. Although some aspects and examples of psychology might be simplistic and clear, it also involves substantial critical thinking skills, reasoning and an extensive amount of research. Psychology is defined as the study of the mind and behaviour. (American Psychological Association, 2014), thus affirming the view expressed above. Furthermore, a psychologist has to undertake three phases of critical assessment before coming to a conclusion, whereas the layman will use his or her common sense to make an assumption about a topic. These three…show more content…
Secure, Ambivalent and Avoidant attachment. Her psychological methods and study, dubbed as Ainsworth’s “Strange Situation” in 1970, revealed the insightful results of attachment on behaviour. She observed children from the ages of twelve to eighteen months and their reactions to situations where they were left alone apart from their mothers. Using detailed psychological analysis, she came to the conclusion that there were three instances of different behaviour displayed by the infants. She had made assumptions based on her predecessor, John Bowlby’s research and meticulously reflected on the ideas that she had had during the process of the experiment. In addition, she drew some alternate conclusions that differed from previous research and obtained her evaluation that the Attachment theory consisted of three different styles of attachment. The experiment was conducted in the following manner. The child was left in the room alone with the parent, allowing the child to roam about freely with parental supervision. Then a stranger was allowed to enter the room, speak to the parent and approach the child. Meanwhile, the parent was made to leave the room and return after a brief period of time to comfort the child. (Ainsworth, 1970) In this context, Ainsworth’s process would be to accumulate the different responses,

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