Pt1420 Unit 2 Assignment 1

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1. What was this game and how did it force you to use algorithms?
The game was about the following direction while creating different shapes using mathematical concepts such as lines, left and right. I had to create figures with blocks as I moved along. There were several sections that I had to complete. Each section was getting a little more complicated to accomplish because there were more steps to follow. You can say that we had to use algorithms because we had to follow a process to problem solve. I had to read and know which direction I would choose so that my character would finish their task. In order to pass to the next level, you were supposed to finish the first puzzle or section that you were on. The game that I had did not provide hints like the first one that I tried. The game had a lot of repetition which provided a choose for several turns in one.
2. Is this conceptual or procedural knowledge? Why?
I think that the game integrated both concepts the conceptual and the procedural knowledge. When you have something repeated and that is related to something that you already know it is conceptual knowledge. Procedural knowledge is when rules or a process is followed to
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I went home and I asked my children to play one of the games and they liked it. The game had the students engaged because I was engaged when I was playing and so were my kids. The interesting part is that the game is that it could be challenging but that will power of passing to the next level make you keep going. The game is also fun to play and you learn at the same time. Math being a concept that many children hate because of misconception this game can make them change their mind about math concepts. It also can be great for children to interact with one another as they help each other out when they get stuck in a particular section. This activity was so fun and interesting, that I am sure that many children will like it as

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