Pt1420 Unit 5 Assignment 1

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Short Answer
1. Explain what is meant by the term “conditionally executed”. Conditionally executed is called a single alternative decision structure because it provides only one alternative path of execution. The action is conditionally executed because it is performed only when a certain condition is true.

2. You need to test a condition and then execute one set of statements if the condition is true. If the condition is false, you need to execute a different set of statements. What structure will you use?
I will use the “If” statement because it is a dual alternative decision structure.

3. If you need to a test the value of a variable and use that value to determine which statement or set of statements to execute, which
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If x > 100 y = 20 z = 40
End If

2. Design an If-Then statement (or a flowchart with a single alternative decision structure) that assigns 0 to the variable b and assigns 1 to the variable c if the variable is a less than 10.
If a < 10 Then b = 0 c = 1
End If

3. Design an If-Then-Else statement (or a flowchart with a dual alternative decision structure) that assigns 0 to the variable b if the variable a is less than 10. Otherwise, it should assign 99 to the variable b.
If a < 10 b = 0
Else If b = 99
End If

4. The following pseudo code contains several nested If-Then-Else statements. Unfortunately, it was written without proper alignment and indentation. Rewrite the code and use the proper conventions of alignment and indentation.
If score < 60 Then Display “Your grade is F.”
If score < 70 Then Display “Your grade is D.” Else If score < 80 Then Display “Your grade is C.” Else If score < 90 Then Display “Your grade is B.” Else Display ‘Your grade is A.” End If End If End If
End If

5. Design nested decision structures that perform the following: If

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