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Marijuana a derivative of the Cannabis sativa plant is familiar for its psychoactive properties. It is taken for a wide range of conditions including HIV/AIDS, cancer, anxiety disorders, PTSD, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Despite it having restrictions, many states have approved the use of cannabis for the treatment of medical and psychological illnesses. In some states, PTDS is among the recommended conditions for medical marijuana (Steenkemp, Blessing, Galatazer-Levy, Hollahan & Anderson, 2017). The extended therapeutic effects and support of the biological plausibility of the contents of the drug underscore the need for PTSD military people to use the drug. The available evidence is the link marijuana has to adverse psychiatric …show more content…

According to a survey for the authorization of medical cannabis patients, the primary change in the use of marijuana as a substitute drug is the move from single licensed producers. The move from single licensed producers to multiple licensed producers is the first step in encouraging the access and use of marijuana (Lucas & Walsh, 2017). In spite of several states legalizing the use of marijuana, the military primarily veterans suffering from PTSD still lack access to the use of the drug. It results in the illegal acquisition of the drug to help ease the pain of PTSD. Additionally, the legal barriers for veterans and active-duty service members are expected to comply with the Veterans Health Administration as well as the Controlled Substance Act that classifies marijuana as a drug (Department of Veteran Affairs, 2017).
The significant symptoms of PTSD are re-experiencing, avoidance and numbing as well as hyperarousal. The use of cannabis by PTSD patients has been subjected to a lot of critic especially with the legalization of the drug in many states and countries. The conflict has also arisen in various published research studies between the benefits derived from the drug against the traditional pharmacotherapy treatment. However, one has to view that past treatment methods have not worked, thereby considering the use of cannabis to address the disorder. Many of the PTSD patients have reported a

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