Why Veterans With Ptsd Should Have Been Affected By Veterans

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Why Veterans With PTSD Are Turning To Cannabis is an online news article found in The Establishment and written by Kit O’Connell in 2016. In the article, O’Connell recalls various interviews with people who have been affected by veterans’ cannabis use to help cope with PTSD. Sue Sisley is a member of an organization taking part in the first government-funded study on cannabis as a treatment for PTSD. She was extremely against marijuana use and refused to believe in its medicinal benefits, however after working at a Veterans Affairs clinic and hearing veterans’ experiences with the substance, feels that she is required to become an activist for medicinal cannabis use for veterans with PTSD. She brings up society’s progressing awareness of …show more content…

This forces vets who don’t live in states where medicinal marijuana is legalized to get their cannabis from the black market. She also states that many vets who become severely addicted to the opioids they are prescribed microdose cannabis to deal with the withdrawal from these drugs. However, patients doing so in states where medicinal cannabis hasn’t yet been legalized are ultimately taking a huge risk due to the substance violating various pain medications’ terms of agreement. O’Connell mentions another example of a veteran who uses cannabis due to a difficulty of access to other treatment named Michiko. Michiko began suffering from PTSD when she was raped by her commander in a military hospital. She is highly dependent on fentanyl and gets triggered whenever she enters a hospital setting. This makes it extremely difficult for her to access conventional treatment. Veterans Affairs strongly advised Michiko to visit rehab as a part of her treatment, however she knows that its hospital-like setting would trigger her. She ultimately uses cannabis as an effective way to treat her withdrawals. The article concludes with Sisley urging for more research to be done on cannabis’s healing abilities for veterans suffering from PTSD since she claims that most studies related to cannabis focus solely on its safety as a substance. She

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