Public Safety And Foster Positive Youth

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INTRODUCTION In today’s society, the purpose of the juvenile justice system is to “attend to public safety and foster positive youth outcomes that are fair and equitable” (Juvenile Justice System, 2015). With that being said, as a group, we believe there can be necessary changes that can improve the system. We believe in the same approach of the juvenile justice system. The changes we would like to make are minor but are more effective for our youth. Our system is called From Flaws to Perfection because most youths have small flaws that can easily be fixed with the right help from the justice system. Our system started back in August 2013 but will not be available to our youth and parents until January 2016. We will introduce how our system can work hand in hand with the present system in place. Our youth ages from seven to twenty-one. Also informing the parents of the reason behind their children’s actions will help better the relationship of the family. The system will benefit society by treating the youths, as they should with the proper procedures, and allowing them to become model citizens for the future. The help we need is the support from our society to see the changes that need to be made within the juvenile system. POPULATION AND GEOGRAPHICAL AREA SERVED Our system has a budget of a million dollars that we have accumulated from scholarships, donations, and fundraisers. Our population has been supportive of the new changes we are foreseeing. Within our
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