Public School Boards Vs. Private Schools

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(A) In Ontario, there are 31 Public English school boards and 29 English Catholic school boards (Ministry of Education, n.d.). There are also 4 French Public school boards and 8 French Catholic school boards (Ministry of Education, n.d.). Public school boards or private schools are the ones who hire elementary school teachers ("Elementary School Teacher.", n.d.). In 2014-2015, there were about 115,156 full-time teachers, about 74,960 elementary schools and 40, 196 secondary teachers (Ministry of Education, n.d.). During the same time, there were about 7,329 principals and vice principals and about 9,198 childhood educators (Ministry of Education, n.d.). Those in senior administrative positions, such as principal or vice-principal, are able to earn a higher salary ("Elementary School Teacher.", n.d.). There are many jobs that involve working with kids other than being a teacher ("Elementary School Teacher.", n.d.). After gaining more working experience, many teachers become principals or guidance counselors. Other possible carriers include, librarian, supply teacher, camp counselor, early childhood educator, professor, social worker as well as child and youth worker ("Elementary School Teacher.", n.d.).
(B) Elementary school teachers teach children from kindergarten to grade six ("Elementary School Teacher.", n.d.). They provide and educational foundation based on subjects involving information such as numbers, language, science, and social studies ("Elementary School
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