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Public Speaking by Gustav W
It was a cold and foggy morning, less than 3 degrees, but in the town of Sylvester this was considered warm, Sylvester was a town unlike others because it was home to the greatest adventurers of all time: Billy the Bold, Jumbo the Gibberish, Collin the cold butt and miss and Mr Appleby. And this is where our story begins. Jeff was out picking apples with his dog Dingelberry.
After Jeff returned he decided he would become Sylvester’s next great explorer he packed his things and set sail in his boat. After 20 minutes Jeff found out that he was a really bad sailor and had to turn back to land back at home Jeff thought of a solution where he would not have to sail or swim. Jeff stayed up all night to think of something and then in the morning Jeff had designed and made the perfect flying machine.
Outside Jeff tried his hardest to heave the plane outside and just then his best friend walked by and with the added help of his friend they finally got onto the hill with a ramp at the bottom so the plane could take off. Jeff rolled down the hill and took off he soared through the sky but after a while Jeff realised that the fuel canister was extremely low so he had to turn back.
Back at home Jeff had to think of a way to switch the fuel while In the air and he kept coming to the same conclusion someone or something would have to manually climb on to the wing and pour the fuel into the tank while the plane is still flying in mid-air over the treacherous

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