Public or Private?

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In today’s society, people are losing sight of how important privacy truly is. We, as Americans, may seem concerned about our privacy, but this “concern” does not stop us from acquiring the latest and greatest technology. Designers are building technology with no consideration of the security and privacy of their consumers. People are purchasing these new iPhones with fingerprint recognition and downloading different apps everyday with the thought of privacy and security in the back of their minds. Cell phones are becoming so advanced that consumers are able to complete multiple tasks ranging from turning their lights off at home to checking their blood pressure. The biggest question that people may have is, “who has access to this data?” Manufactures of the latest technology should increase their security of the technology in phones because it is easy for a hacker to get that information. Fundamentally, a smartphone is a computer that can fit perfectly into a consumer’s pocket, and programs that are downloaded onto a smartphone are called apps. Those apps can provide (a computer or other machine) with coded instructions to obtain the data on a phone or to keep track of the history of the phone (i.e. text messages, phone calls, websites visited). “Each app will be programmed differently and if the programmer decided to collect some figures, they can collect it” (Bill Rounds, Esq.). Most people are unaware of the amount of information leakage their apps create. Even though

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