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Published in examiner Like Gestalt therapy which was introduced in my previous article, brief psychology therapists are also concerned with the "here and now". Their focus is on what a client can do to change what is happening now as quickly as possible. This type of therapy is known as third wave or third generation. The first type of therapy was psychoanalysis, which premised that all people were sick, or unhealthy and had to be cured. The second wave of psychology introduced the behaviorists or learning theorists. The behaviorists felt that like the previous theories of Freud, much of our behavior is instinctual; however, they also went further to say most of our behavior is learned. "Pavlov 's dogs" is an example of behaviorist…show more content…
Sources: My masters degree in psychology training Chapters 27 & 28 In this paper I will discuss the topics and issues presented in chapters twenty seven and twenty eight of America, A Narrative History by Tindall and Shi. I will discuss Normalcy and the Great Depression while exploring the contradictions of the "Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age" during the conservative Presidencies of Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. The decade of the twenties went from an economic boom defined by the Roaring Twenties to financial disaster of the Great Depression. Each of these Presidents was involved in the transitions found during the twenties. Wether or not they were personally responsible for what transpired during their individual tenure is open for debate with a few exceptions. My personal insight is, our Presidents of the time made some horrific mistakes and mishandled some policies both foreign and domestic that did not benefit the common citizen as they did big business. In 1920, after World War l, Warren Gamaliel Harding was elected President of the United States. His promise was a "return to normalcy". The American people needed to hear this approach
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