Punishment For Corporal Punishment

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Two different families live in the same neighborhood; in the home are both parents and one child, the children are both boys. One family spanks their child when he miss behaves; the other family does not spank their child when he miss behaves they simply tell him it's not okay to act that way. The family who supported corporal punishment spanked their child daily, they did it to re-enforce to the child that the parents were the boss and that he needed to listen to them; and that when he acted out in a bad manner then he would be punished for his behavior. Eventually that child learned what he could and couldn't not do, he learned that his parents were the boss and he needed to follow their rules that they set, as well as learning right from wrong. That child grew up showing everyone respect, and he knew that in real life if he got in trouble and didn't follow the rules that there would be consequences to his actions. The other family raised their child without spanking him; yes the child knew what was right and what was wrong but he didn't care because there was no discipline or consequences for his actions. The family constantly argued and yelled at each other and it was not a peaceful home. When that child grew up he didn't care for the consequences of his actions and constantly acted out in society. Not every situation are like these two but many are, the punishment of the child is up to the parent. Parents can gain a lot from spanking their child; and their child can learn a lot like discipline, respect, and taking responsibilities of their actions, and excepting the consequences.
I believe in corporal punishment to an extent. Yes, I think spanking your child is effective and most kids respond to it very well. In order for spanking to be effective the parent needs to be discipline about it on themselves; for example, the parent cannot sit and tell their child that they will be getting spanked when they get home and then not follow through with their word because then that child will come to realize they can get away with anything. On the other hand, the parent cannot get carried away with spanking their child excessively; if the parent spanks their child to much then the child can become resentful and

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