Punt Pass And Kick Essay

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Welcome to the Punt, Pass, & Kick or as we like to say the PP&K for short. It is almost game time and the anticipation is building as you wait in the locker room for your chance to take the field. Now it is time to step out and buckle into your games projectile or as you will see it is a football. For the next 120 seconds you will be a part of the 2 minute drill. During this time you will experience being the ball and not the player. The clock starts with you and 5 other riders being punted to the top of the first hill. Once at the top of this hill you will become potential energy as you will soon be starting your ride down. As soon as you start dropping you will feel the effect of gravity, followed by the feeling of a free fall. Now you will have a chance to catch …show more content…

You the ball have been snapped and the holder has placed you down and the kicker is about to make contact. Contact has been made and now you are going through a series of 5 loops. Just like the football being kicked and flying end over end. During this time you will feel weightlessness as hopefully you will split the uprights for a good field goal. At the end of the field goal you will experience friction to help slow you down and get you safely back to the locker room. Now that you are back to the locker room get out and celebrate your victory. But do not celebrate long because you will want to play again. On this ride a football is punted every 20 seconds with 6 players each. This means that we have over a 1000 riders every hour. With an average speed of 60mph and top speeds of 90mph, you will travel 2 miles during your 2 minute drill. This is football like you have never experienced, it is not touch, tackle, or flag because this time you are the ball in this game and not a player. So come and ride the PP&K to find out what the ball goes through during the

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