Puppy Mill Essay

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A quote once said by Frederick the Great states; “A dog is a man’s best friend.” There are millions of dog lovers across the world, I’m speaking to many in this class right now, so dog lovers, have you ever thought about this? Imagine walking into a pet store and looking around at all the different kinds of animals, and then your eyes are set on the dogs. You just can’t decide what one you want. One of the main key facts about choosing the right dog is considering where it is raised and many dog owners don’t. Some of the dogs could have been raised in a puppy mill. Puppy mills are a problem in the U.S today. And the problem with puppy mills is the effect they have on the dog itself and even the owner. There are puppy mills operating …show more content…

Puppies are taken away from their mothers too early which can cause illnesses or behavioral problems. Dogs raised at puppy mills are sold in two main places. They either go to pet stores or are sold over the internet. When dogs are shipped out to pet stores they can sometimes go up to many hours without food or water and are tightly squeezed in cages. Many pet stores sell the dogs without telling the buyer where they have come from. Not just are the dogs treated unkindly and in unhealthy ways but there is also a psychological affect on them as well.
“A Closer Look At Puppy Mills” by ASPCA informs you about the psychological effect on the dogs raised at a puppy mill. They can be aggressive and fearful. Some are so fearful, they don’t want to be touched by people or their owners. Even if in a loving environment could show no progression of getting better. The dogs have chances of being born with genetic diseases or abnormalities. For example, heart disease, kidney disease, and eye sight problems. This affects the owner’s cause in the long run because veterinary bills begin to pile up and there is no worse feeling than having an unhealthy or a dog that wants to be nowhere near you. Although there are many problems that come along with puppy mills, there are also positive things that can be involved with them.
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