Purchasing Goods Produces Winners And Losers

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We consume a large volume of goods every day, whether that be edible goods, disposable goods or items we are going to keep for a long time. The point is that we as a nation spend billions of pounds in shops every year and it keeps on growing. Larger stores like the supermarkets and department stores are benefiting from this because they are able to offer a wide variety of goods. Smaller stores however are suffering because they cannot compete with the larger stores in terms of variety and price. In this document I am going to explore the view that the choices we make when purchasing goods produces winners and losers in a consumer world.

Zygmunt Bauman defined people in Western societies in two groups of consumers, the seduced and the
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Most people live close to a supermarket and benefit from this. Supermarkets are not located on high streets but they do have smaller convenient stores such as Tesco Express offering a selection of what the supermarkets do at the same price. This dominance allows supermarkets to make a lot of money, which allows them to reduce prices even further, which then brings in more money. Making the supermarkets winners in a consumer society.
Due to the big supermarket dominance the local high streets in towns and cities are suffering and are considered losers of a consumer society. They cannot compete with cheap goods and the wide range of goods that supermarkets offer. More and more supermarket convenience stores are opening on high streets and putting the small local stores out of business. Profits start falling and regular customers will go other places to get more goods at a cheaper cost until the smaller stores cannot make a profit and survive. The British high street is going into extinction and many people will blame the larger stores due to this.
However some people do purposefully avoid the supermarkets and make the choice to do so as they want to support local businesses and make the choice to pay a little bit more for their goods. These people are not really defined as winners or losers but they are swaying towards the loser side of society because their choice of stores are becoming more limited because of the supermarket dominance, forcing stores to
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