Puritans Beliefs And Beliefs

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Puritans dominated New England and considered themselves Americans. These early Americans believed and valued many different things from the Americans today. These puritans did things differently and lived a different life compared to how Americans do things and live today. They lived differently, they did things differently and they even believed in different things than from what us Americans believe in today, how we live, and how we do things. The Puritans had their own bible and believed that it was an ideal plan, they were very religious people. They believed in many different things and they also believed that God played a major role in everything. One of the main things that the Puritans believed in was God. They believed that God was always there for them and watching their every move. They also believed that God arranged everything with a purpose. The Puritans were very big on having faith. They considered faith and belief to be the conversion experience. If you did not have faith then you did not have anything. Faith was the one thing that would give them strength and get them through any situation. They believed that God was the only one that had a say in what would happen when it came to certain situations that people had to deal with or problems that people had.
Edwards believed that we were all born sinners. He mentioned that humans are either saved or damned. Humans being saved or damned was not based on whether they sinned or not. In Sinners in the Hands of

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