Purpose Statement For Journalism

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Ezra Pound once said that literature is news that stays news. For me, literature is the very essence of the enduring power of any great work of art. In journalism industry, it plays an important and fundamental role in news reporting and communication. I deem literature is the art that use language as a media, depicting information about humanity and ways of living. Journalism, flourished by news that is constantly changing around this globe, is an ultra-competitive modern media market that needs versatile, multimedia journalists with cutting-edge academic and vocational skills, to influence people and the world. Growing up in the age of information, on one hand, I enjoy the improvement of technology has brought to us, but on the other, I have …show more content…

Your program enjoys a high reputation of journalism and communication education in the world. I will master advanced journalism knowledge and new technologies through the curriculum like Applied Communication Research, Journalism Theory and Analysis, and Media Management etc. In addition, I will cultivate my creative skills, critical and technical abilities, in addition to developing abilities in proficiently applying communication theories and media techniques to the analysis and management of cultural issues in the ever changing new media environment, which will better prepare me to meet the challenging demands of the fast growing cultural industries and global cultural environment. After graduation, I will work in cultural sector to transmit and promote our cultures by creatively using and integrating media and new technology that I learn in graduate program. So now, I sincerely hope to be given the honor of undertaking a postgraduate study at your university; I truly believe that it is a cherished opportunity, allowing me to reach greater heights in my

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