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Prison development dates all the way back to the early Roman times and even then there were forms of punishment for criminals. In today’s society we have come a long way from the Roman times with the way prisons are ran and punishments are enforced. With this development, there are two types of prison systems – Pennsylvania and Auburn. These systems have helped form the prison system today and the impact and involvement of prison labor over time.
History of Punishment
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Pennsylvania System v. Auburn System
The Pennsylvania system is based on the principle that solitary confinement leads to prisoners feeling regret for their crimes and eventually to their reform. The Pennsylvania system came about in 1829 on Cherry Hill in Philadelphia. The prisoners were kept in cells that were 16x12x7.5. The prisoners were completely isolated from the others with their own exercise yard and saw no one except prison guards and an occasional visitor. The Pennsylvania system was widely used, even in Europe. The American criminal justice system made a change to the Auburn system because the belief that the Pennsylvania system had long term effects on the prisoners, the Auburn system replaced the Pennsylvania system in the 19th century. (“The Auburn and Pennsylvania System of Corrections: Controversy”, 2012). With the Auburn system, prisoners worked during the day and were kept in solitary confinement at night, with silence enforced at all times. This silent system came about during the 1810’s at Auburn prison in New York. The Auburn system also brought about prisoners marching single file, the striped prison suit, and assigned seats at meal times. Though these systems are different they both serve the same purpose of ensuring structure within the prison system.
Impact and Involvement of Prison Labor over Time
Prison labor has a great impact on our economy. Having prisoner’s work can have a wide

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