Pursuit Of Happyness Essay

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Success is extremely coveted in the society, however on the path to success, obstacles will stand in the way. Failure is inevitable and the response of an individual towards these obstacles and the failures in their lives determines whether or not they will have success. Failure gives allowance to learn from mistakes and motivates to do better the next time. The Pursuit of Happyness uses lighting, music and camera angles to give viewers an insight into Chris’ journey through the film demonstrating his resiliency, optimism and loving personality. Filmmaker, Gabriele Muccino, uses the protagonist, Chris’ final triumph to illustrate the significance of failure in achieving success. Resiliency can be best described as the ability to recover …show more content…

The mood of the film during these times were always sad and seemingly hopeless; the sound was always slow and solemn to represent all the various circumstances that he faced. Though things were challenging for him at night, he put on a brave face during the day and he did not allow those circumstances to weigh him down. With all the problems, he was facing during the night he was able to overcome it the next day. These actions were only possible with his optimistic spirit. With everything Chris and his son went through it would seem almost impossible to be optimistic in that situation. Optimism was a crucial factor in his successes. It brought him to a place where life was better, allowing him to overcome dire circumstances despite the doubts of others. When his wife left him, it seemed it would be impossible to survive with the internship that gave no salary. It seemed like their life would take a turn for the worse. However, the optimism and belief that Chris had in his abilities led to him finally being able to defeat the negative outlook of others on his choices. His positive outlook on his situation gave him the strength to beat the odds against him. His chances to get into the internship seemed very little, but he had hopes to make it in. The day of his interview, he did not have time to dress appropriately, but he took his bad situation and turn it into a positive

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