The Pursuit Of Happiness Essay

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The Pursuit of Happiness
Every other Monday morning the workers of the fast food restaurant next door line up in my lobby waiting to cash their paychecks. There is a wide range of ages, races, and sexes; there is no one demographic in the lobby. The conversations are about coworkers not present or about their spouses. They complain about the long shifts or an angry customer they encountered in the drive up this morning. One young woman discusses her daughter’s adventures at kindergarten. There are complaints of the cost of car repairs or a visit to the hospital last week. There are questions of who is working tonight and what time does the bus come, all of these conversations could be happening in any bank lobby anywhere in the United States. The noise level continues to rise in the lobby as more workers enter the building, the energy in the lobby rises as the excitement of the workers increases, today is payday. Or is it anxiety? Are their thoughts, masked behind idle chit chat, of how am I going to pay rent and feed my family? How am I going to make this pay last for two weeks? These fellow humans are the full time working poor.
Increasing the Federal Minimum wage to from $7.50 an hour to $15 an hour would be shocking to the US economic system but a proposal of an immediate increase to $10.50 an hour and three years later to $15 an hour has been suggested. (Pollin and Wicks-Lim 717) This would give the economy time to digest the increase in labor costs and

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