Puunta Cana Research Paper

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Finally we landed! This is going to be the best vacation ever. Punta Cana is so beautiful and I am so excited to go to the Hard Rock Resort. My mom is going to be a wonderful bride. As I walk out of the nasty old looking airport I see a big van that will take us to our resort. My moms soon to be husband Billy has two kids, Brant who is fifteen and Alyssa who is eighteen. Alyssa and I will be two of the four bridesmaids, Brant will be one of the four men of honours. My adorable little sister Addie will be the cutest flower girl. My mom and Billy brought along two friends to be bridesmaids and men of honours. I see the Hard Rock Hotel sign, we are so close! As we drive in I see a wonderful clean looking Golf Course. When we pull in
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