Quaint Abstractions: CRG Gallery Analysis

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4. Butt Johnson’s Exhibition “Quaint Abstractions” at CRG Gallery Visiting CRG Gallery was not in my original plan. I walked into the gallery for the first time when I noticed it on the way to Lehmann Maupin, and I was surprised to know that CRG Gallery has been open since 1990. The current exhibition features a new series of drawings from the artist Butt Johnson, which is the artist’s second show at CRG Gallery. The gallery is on the ground floor with floor-to-ceiling glass doors, which the viewer could be able to have a panoramic view of the small space outside the gallery. Johnson’s abreact drawings are arresting with different compositions, colors, and forms. By using Ballpoints, Gelly roll pens, Crayola crayons, and Exacto knife incisions, …show more content…

This is the fourth location of this medium-sized gallery. Founded in 1990 by three co-founders who share extensive professional experience in the contemporary art world, CRG was originally located in a townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, then moved to South SoHo, Manhattan and in 2000 settled on 22nd street as its list of artists represented grew. In 2015, the gallery relocated again in their current space in the Lower East Side. Looking through the artists’ names, CRG Gallery represents both established and emerging contemporary artists from all over the world. Compared with those who mainly focused on selling artwork in the retail space, CRG Gallery depends more on art fairs. According to the report, CRG Gallery participates half-dozen art fairs every year, providing half of its annual earnings. Although the initial costs for getting set up to show at art fairs could be substantial, it seems that the art fairs have become lifelines for the gallery since the other gallery expenses, such as rent and number of employees are controlled. This kind of art-fair-focused business model could explain why CRG Gallery chose to make its new small home on the Lower East …show more content…

“Fu Xiaotong: Land of Serenity” at Chambers Fine Art Specializing in contemporary Chinese works, Chambers Fine Art is one of the galleries that I must visit in Chelsea neighborhoods. Opened in New York in 2000, Chambers Fine Art was one of the first galleries in the United States to promote Chinese contemporary artists. The gallery program alternates between monographic exhibitions devoted to the work of established and emerging artists and thematic exhibitions organized by recognized scholars and critics from

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