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A research study can be broken out into 4 different parts: topic, problem, purpose and questions. Aligning these components will help to make sure the article is cohesive in its content and that the author is staying on track. I examined three scholarly articles that describe studies related to the field of Respiratory Therapy. I reviewed each article to determine the topic, problem, purpose and question to see if the authors were able to maintain alignment throughout the article.
Article 1
Effect of a Protective-Ventilation Strategy on Mortality in the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Amato et al.,). The topic of the article is the use of protective lung strategies and the effects they have on mortality rates for patients with Acute …show more content…

They explained the problem well, gave background information on what lead them to believe that a lung protective strategy would work, detailed the steps used in the trial and clearly explained the outcome of the research. The article was well written and easy for the audience to follow.
Article 2
Effects of Marijuana Smoking on the Lung (Tashkin, 2013). This is a review of several studies on the effects of marijuana smoking and the damage it can cause to the lung. The topic of this study is what, if any, pulmonary consequences will there be with repeated or habitual inhalation on marijuana. The problem that the authors were addressing is that marijuana is the 2nd highest substance, in our society, that is inhaled.
In 2011, 36.4% of high school seniors in the United States reported using marijuana within the past year, 22.6% within the past month and 6.6% on a daily basis. By comparison, daily use of tobacco was reported to be 10.3% of 12th graders (Tashkin, 2013, p. …show more content…

• Is regular smoking of marijuana a risk factor for respiratory cancer (Tashkin, 2013, p. 243)?
• Does marijuana smoking increase the risk of lower respiratory tract infections (Tashkin, 2013, p. 245)?
• Possible associations of marijuana use with pulmonary barotrauma and bullous lung disease (Tashkin, 2013, p. 246)
This article did an extremely good job of maintaining alignment. It followed an outline form, making it easy for the reader to navigate and understand the different aspects of the study.
Article 3
Overweight/obesity and respiratory and allergic disease in children: International study of asthma and allergies in childhood (ISAAC) phase two (Weinmayr et al., 2014). The topic of this article was to determine if there is a link between childhood obesity and asthma. The problem this article addresses is that childhood obesity is increasing throughout the world. The children who are obese, seem to have a higher prevalence of asthma. The purpose of the study is to determine if there is a link between childhood obesity and asthma. And to determine if the prevalence of these two conditions are more common in affluent countries. The questions the study focused on

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