Quality and the Balanced Scorecard Approach: Nursing and Health Care

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Overview: Modern nursing has become a multi-disciplinary career that encompasses a number of roles and requires more expertise than ever before. In modern nursing there are a number of stakeholders: patients, families, the community, insurance companies, governmental agencies, administrators, colleagues, staff and physicians. Healthcare solutions in the 21st century require a collaborate effort that remains focused on continual progress towards customer service satisfaction. Quality and the Balanced Scorecard Approach: Customer satisfaction, both internal and external, is an important component of a Balanced Scorecard. A Balanced Scorecard approach (BSA) is often seen as one of the key tools that translate strategy into performance. The balanced scorecard model is a clear direction outlining what the organization should measure to balance the financial output. The scorecard retains financial measurement as a summary of their business performance (Kocakulah and Austill, 2007). Moreover, the scorecard will highlight an integrated set of measurement that will link customers, processes, resources, and performance to long-term financial success. The balanced scorecard is a tool that provides the company the framework that translates vision and strategy into actionable tasks. The scorecard is a set of performance measures allowing management a dashboard view of their business. These performance measurements are used to aid the company in setting goals and manage the business's
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