Quantitative Analysis in the Health Sciences

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[pic] University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Nursing N345: Quantitative Analysis in the Health Sciences Supplementary Course Materials Steve Krantz, Ph.D. Introduction: The following materials are presented as supplementary support for the content presented in class discussions. These materials have been drawn from edited and revised materials I have used for other research and statistics courses. The information has been organized to provide learners with additional information, or review data, for the content covered in class that I consider to be of importance. I have prepared them, not as a substitute for a test exactly, but as a translation of some of the arcane language typically found in statistics…show more content…
Generalizeability -- the ability to apply research conclusions in situations, and to subjects and settings, beyond the specific confines of the research setting; and 4. Order and control -- “order” meaning systematic and “control,” a very large concept in research design, referring to procedures implemented which limit the alternative explanations for research results and enhance the confidence in research findings. II. Research Designs A. Research designs are the systematic plans for the conduct of research. Different plans, or designs, are appropriate for different kinds of research. These designs are presented here because a part of the process of selecting a statistical procedure involves knowledge of the design employed. The “typology” which follows presents a brief overview of the concepts and terminology used to describe research. While a lengthier discussion is included later in these materials, I thought a picture of the major categories of research might make it a little easier to review the information: Research Procedures Quantitative Qualitative (a different course) Experiments Non-experiments True Quasi- Descriptive Comparative Correlational B. The research design: Okay, with the above picture in mind, the research design (the systematic plan)

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