Assignment 2: Statistical Methods In Healthcare

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Statistical Methods in Healthcare Assignment #7 15 points Answer the following questions in narrative format: 1. Discuss when it is appropriate to use the paired t-test and the Wilcoxon matched-pairs signed-rank test. (2 points) The paired t-test is a parameter test that compares the means between two correlated pair groups. The paired t-test is used when two measures of the same interest are taken on the same participant at two different points in time. This participant is serving as their own control. The paired t-test can also be used when there are two measurements of the same interest that is measured at the same time, where one person has received the characteristic of interest and one person who has not received the …show more content…

The data that is required for the Wilcoxon test should be two measures of the same characteristic of interest taken on a participant and matched control. The data should be two measures of the same interest taken on the same participant at two different points in time. Interval or ratio scale can be used. The sample size should be small and at least five pairs of measurements. 3. Detail the steps in computing the Paired t-test with a brief discussion specific to the important aspects of each step. (6 points) According to Kellar and Kelvin (2013), “There are six steps in computing the paired t-test”, (p. 131-136). The first step is stating the null and alternative hypotheses. The null Hypotheses states that there will be no difference in the pretest and posttest characteristic of interest. In the alternative hypotheses, the posttest characteristic of interest will be different from the mean pretest characteristic of interest. The second step is defining the significance level, determining the degrees of freedom and finding the critical value. The a-level shows that for a result to be statistically significant, it cannot occur more than the a-level percentage of time by chance. The critical value can be obtained by using the t-test table. The degrees of freedom is located down the row of the t-table. The critical value result is the point where the a-level and degrees of

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