Queen Elizabeth I

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Queen Elizabeth I was the most extraordinary leader in English history. She was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace. Her birth was not celebrated; instead it was a bitter failure to her father King Henry VIII, who was expecting the birth of a son. Her mother was executed for treason not long after her birth (Jokinen 1). After Henry VIII’s third spouse Jane Seymour died; however, Elizabeth was set back in the order of succession after Edward and Mary by act of parliament. When she came into power, she had to clean up the mess that was left by her sister Mary’s five year reign. Mary had suddenly changed the national religion from Protestantism to Catholicism, and she was not going to listen to any objections. She pitilessly hunted down and executed Protestants who refused to convert. After Elizabeth I took the throne, she switched back to Protestantism and restored religious order in England (Greenblatt 15). Under Elizabeth, religion and nationality were nearly the same (Greenblatt 19). Her first act as Queen was to form a loyal government: she replaced the Privy Council with eligible advisors such as nobles, lawyers, and businessmen (Greenblatt 15). Although she had a fantastic board of advisors, she did not allow them to decide her choices (Alchin 1). Elizabeth was determined to set up a safe and steady government. During Queen Elizabeth’s forty-five year reign, England thrived considerably. Her reign witnessed a large gain in literacy and accomplishments in the

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