Queenie Volupides Case Summary

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CASE FILE: Queenie Volupides Overview of the Case: One evening, Queenie Volupides had a quarrel with her husband Arthur and went off to the local country club where a party was ongoing. She departed the club just before one o’clock in the morning with a few friends to have another drink at her place. Queenie however, arrived ten minutes earlier and when her friends arrived, she stated that “Something terrible happened. Arthur slipped and fell on the stairs. He was coming down for another drink - he still had the glass in his hand --- and I think he’s dead. Oh, my God --- what shall I do?” The autopsy conducted later concluded that Arthur died from a wound on the head and confirmed that he’d been drunk. Crime Scene: The death of Arthur …show more content…

He was also wearing a robe that was not torn or damaged in any way. The floor was also dry which is bizarre since he was holding a drinking glass. Queenie said Arthur fell down the stairs when he was coming down for another drink. While she arrived home 10 minutes before her friends, she still waited for their advice on Arthur’s supposed “slip.” I believe Queenie is not telling the truth. The evidence does not support what she said happened. First of all, Arthur had an unbroken glass in his hand. When people fall down the stairs, a glass would either break or would not still be gripped in a person’s palm. Additionally, his feet were resting on the second and third step. Usually, if someone falls down, their feet would be faced down. And by human instinct, a person would fall on their hands to protect their body. However, Arthur fell on his back with his arms pointing outwards. Also, Arthur’s robe was not rumpled or torn in any way. Again, when someone falls down the stairs the clothes would be at least rumpled. Finally, someone would not wait ten minutes to conduct further actions on a death which has occurred, especially if the person was your husband. Conclusion: Based on the evidence, it seems likely that Queenie Volupides was guilty of her husband’s murder. There is significant evidence linking her to being the prime suspect. It very easy to say that she purposely positioned Arthur on the bottom of the stairs and hit

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