Question 1. Firstly What Is The Business Completion Chain

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Question 1 Firstly what is the business completion chain it is an idea which have the power to attract, convince and motivate people with wildly divergent interests such as customers, consumers, investors, employees, suppliers, distributors and so on. The person who is committed to undertaking the idea we can call the entrepreneur. To become reality, ideas need resources physical, financial and intangible foe example experience, knowledge and, sometimes, legal rights to use processes and products. Ideas need to obtain capital. One of key resources needed is the team or group of people. Products developed from the Idea need consumers. The first step to have an idea. Clear idea is the first and the most important stage that brings the…show more content…
I will start this business with 1000,000 so I have made a table for the budget cost to be able to calculate the once paid expenses and the monthly expenses, the once paid expenses like the place as I am planning to buy the place not to rent it, half of the equipment will be immediate payment and half of it with installments so here I have some money to be paid every month and the salaries of the employees, electricity and sewages fees and the country development taxes that should be paid too. But finally what is essential for me is to achieve a profit that covers my monthly fees and to cover gradually the capital paid in the startup process. The fourth stage is the team or firm. People are essential to the success of any organization so while choosing them I have to choose the right people with the right capabilities and skills to be able to turn the idea into reality so I have to provide them with the needed facilities and equipment that they can work with it and a good place to work in it. Finally the last stage of the completion business chain is market. The market is a very important point for any business not only for a start up one. That I have to choose the right market to compete in it as my idea is uncommon as people always wants a shop which sells glasses in different types and brand, but here I’m mixing between the regular shop and the technology of glasses and lances, and this mix can attract more people with
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