Questions For A Total Possible Score Of 100

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Ellisa Gladney
Sociology 192
Spring 2015 Final Exam
6 May 2015

You must answer 5 out of 7 essay questions for a total possible score of 100. For each essay question, you are expected to explain your answer in approximately two-three paragraphs (approximately 10-20 sentences). Each response should give a detailed answer explaining a nonprofit situation, variable, aspect, etc. The grade will be based on your ability to explain in detail IN YOUR OWN WORDS and grammatical errors will be taken into account. If you do take words straight out of the book, powerpoint, or other resource you must put them in quotes and site them. Answer each question directly under each question. Type your name on the top left of this sheet and “save as” to …show more content…

Fundraising and grantwriting also differ in the way that they communicate. Grantwriting, for the most part, includes writing a proposal and submitting it nonverbally. On the other hand fundraising requires people who are trying to raise funds to communicate on a regular with the community, donors, or anyone who is helping with the fundraiser. Fund raising also calls for solicitation of donors and grantwriting does not.
One example of fund raising includes special events where it costs to attend and the proceeds go toward a nonprofit an. For example the Shreveport Bossier Rescue Mission holds an event called the Community Gold Classic in which people come and play golf and they make donations that benefit the Mission. Also another example of fund raising is a bake sale. At a bake sale people bake goods and donate them to a nonprofit or organization and they are sole to the public and the proceeds go back to the nonprofit or organization. An example of grantwriting is finding a grant such as The Sadie Meyer and Louis Cohn Foundation Grant and writing a proposal for the grant including thing such as what the grant would be used for and how much they are seeking.

2) Describe the role of the Board of Directors in comparison to the role of the Executive Director. What is expected of each, who is in charge of what and in what

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