Questions On A Texas Court Essay

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A Texas court will likely find that Adam tortuously interfered with Blake’s contract with WP. Under Texas Law, the elements of tortious interference with an existing contract are: “(1) an existing contract subject to interference, (2) a willful and intentional act of interference with the contract, (3) that proximately caused the plaintiff 's injury, and (4) caused actual damages or loss.” Prudential Ins. Co. of Am. v. Fin. Review Servs., Inc., 29 S.W.3d 74, 77 (Tex. 2000). If the other associate can prove proximate causation and actual damages, then Blake’s tortious interference case will likely prevail in a Texas court since Blake’s contract was an existing contract subject to interference and that Adam’s interference had been willful and intentional.
I. Blake’s age does not bar him from entering a contract with WP that is subject to interference

At the time of Adam’s interference, Blake likely possessed an existing contract with WP that was subject to interference. Further, Blake’s age has no bearings whatsoever with regards to validity of his contract with WP. Each of the elements of a valid contract are undisputedly present in Blake’s agreement with WP: an offer, an acceptance in strict compliance with the offer’s terms, a meeting of the minds, consent by both parties, and execution and delivery of the contract with the intent that it become mutual and binding on both parties. See Stewart & Stevenson, LLC v. Galveston Party Boats, Inc., Nos. 01-09-00030-CV,

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