Questions On Book Thief Harkness

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Ashna Ramaswamy Cushner/Howland/Rosenboom World Literature 13 September 2015 Discussion Questions for Book Thief Harkness Prepare responses to two questions for Friday, September 11 and finish responding to each question over the weekend to prepare for the Harkness Discussion (note that each question has individual instructions for how to prepare it). Make sure you format and cite any quotations correctly according to MLA. Please print out this document with your notes and bring to class to use during the discussion and to hand in at the end of class. 1. What do you think Zusak is trying to convey about the power of words? Preparation: What are two different ways that words have power? Find a textual example for each. Zusak has many references to words bringing people together or tearing them apart throughout the book, which suggests that words are a powerful medium in which people connect to each other. An example of this is the quote “I have hated the words and I have loved them, and I hope I have made them right” (Zusak 528). Referring to what I said in the beginning, Liesel talks about how she has hated the words that other people have used to tear the relationship between them, and she has loved the words that have brought her closer to characters such as Hans or Max. Additionally, Liesel talks about hoping she has made them right, which shows that Liesel knows the importance of words and reflects upon her time using them in hope that she has brought people
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