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Task 1-Computer Systems

Internal System Unit Components:
Central processing unit
A processor or also known as a micro-processor is a small chip that goes inside a computer and some other electronic devices. The job of a processor is very important as it has to receive input and provide the appropriate output. This component can handle trillions of calculations per second.
The main processor in a computer system is called a central processing unit which handles all the simple instructions that the computer gives. For example it gives instructions for processing output features like the mouse and keyboard and running applications. The processor fits on the motherboard and is known as the ‘heart’ of the computer system as it controls everything that takes place in the computer system. The central processing unit contains the circuitry which processes the instructions in the computer programs by interpreting them into actual movements of bits of data within the computer memory. Motherboard
The motherboard is the most important component within a computer system. The motherboard is a printed circuit board where the majority of the essential parts of the PC belongs. Connections between the actual PC and peripherals go through the motherboard. The motherboard houses components like the CPU, RAM and other hardware components. BIOS
The basic input/output system is a collection of software utilities that forms part of the operating system. BIOS are built into a PC and are run

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