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Luke Weyrauch
ICS 382 – 01 Fall 2014
Faisal Kaleem
Metropolitan State University
Cyberattacks have both the potential to devastate and intimidate. They can disable national infrastructure, disrupt communication systems, or even destroy nuclear reactors.
Cybersecurity is a thought-provoking and interesting issue. The use of cyberattacks in US as a tool of policy is not sufficiently deliberated by policy makers but it’s of utmost importance to the nation. The policy issues facing the acquisition and use of cyberattacks in US remains a riddle among many policymakers in the US and the world at large. “Lifting the Veil on Cyber Offense” is an article based on the National Research Council, 2009. The article raises attention-grabbing issues on the offensive usage of the cyberattack capabilities on an adversary. These include ethical, operational, legal, policy, organizational, and technical aspects of cyberattacks.
The article talks about some of the comprehensive recommendations as well as the findings from the report. Cyberattacks as a tool for policy making in the US helps the nation exercise its capabilities properly and in the most responsible and appropriate manner that serves national interests. The committee came up with several recommendations in regards to the principles that should shape and guide the formulation and development of the U.S Policy concerning cyberattacks. Some of the recommendations include policy makers’…

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